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Welcome to the official website of Buzz Goertzen, the Idaho Yodeler! Nothing stirs up an audience like yodeling, and no one yodels like Buzz Goertzen. His charismatic personality, wit and unique style have endeared him to audiences everywhere.

Being also a gifted songwriter as well as a humorist, it is no wonder that standing ovations are the norm wherever he performs. He has written most of his own compositions, but also sings many of the “old favorite” yodeling songs of the past. Listen to some samples of Buzz’s music here.

Buzz grew up in southern Idaho and as a teenager he won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour variety show on radio and TV three times.

He came from a career of Law Enforcement, a narcotics officer in Idaho, to singing and yodel at county fairs, rodeos and country shows throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, & England.

Buzz performed at his own show at Knotts Berry Farm several years in a row, always back by popular demand. He has appeared on many TV shows including the Pat Boone U.S.A. TV Show four times. Pat has stated that “Buzz is the world’s greatest yodeler.” He has also appeared on the Box Car Willie Show in Branson, MO. Buzz is becoming very popular at RV rallies, resorts and parks across the nation.

He has written many gospel yodeling songs, and as a result, is always welcome and popular with most denominations and Christian organizations throughout the U.S.A. and several other countries. He has also appeared on T.B.N. & many other gospel TV shows.

Buzz has recorded thirteen albums, most of them in Nashville, some gospel and some secular Country. People from all walks of life and individuals representing every favorite musical style have responded enthusiastically to his singing and yodeling, which is always followed by phenomenal album sales.

Buzz has released two music Videos on the Nashville Network. One, “The Idaho Yodeler“, is a song he composed about his boyhood days and how he learned to yodel. The second, a song he composed about all the great yodelers of the past is entitled, “Where Did The Yodelers Go?” You can hear samples of these songs on this website. All of Buzz Goertzen’s CDs and Cassette Audio Tapes are available for purchase through this website and will soon be available as MP3 downloads online.

Though Buzz is from Lewiston, Idaho, he spends his winters in Yuma, Arizona where he performs regularly in the RV resorts and other venues in the area. He travels frequently, performing in his unique style. He has two sons and one daughter, all grown, with grandchildren.


For Bookings or to place a CD/Audio Tape Order**, Contact:

Buzz Goertzen
3551 Salida Del Sol
Yuma, AZ 85365


Or, call direct at (208) 305-2387

**CDs: $15 each or 5 for $65 + S&H. Tapes: $5 each or 2 for $8 + S&H.
Shipping & Handling is only $2.00 no matter the size of the order!


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