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Buzz Goertzen’s self-authored book detailing the testimony of his life, music, ministry and relationship with God… This is a most encouraging read and is currently offered free of charge to visitors of this website! If you would like to order the interactive CD version of the book, a donation of $5 would be appreciated to cover shipping and handling. To order, please write Buzz if you would like a copy on CD (note, this is not an audio book… yet).

In Buzz’ own words: “…this book will be an effort on my part to relay to those who are reading this, my journey through my life and my close and not so close relationships with God. I guess I should say it like this, The stories your about to hear are true but they seem to happen mostly to those who are daily serving and seek his face.”

To view this item, click the desired link below. To save it to your computer, right-click on the link and choose Save Target As (or Save Link As if you’re using Firefox or Chrome). The first link is a special “interactive” version; the same that Buzz now hands out on CD. It features the full PDF book, a special audio introduction by Buzz himself, the full title song “Lord, You Delight Me” and some bonus preview tracks as well as quick links to interact with Buzz through various mediums (like Facebook, YouTube, email and this website). The download is an executable file (.exe) so some anti-virus programs will falsely regard it as dangerous, but the file is safe.

The second link below is just the PDF book only (great for sharing through email with friends or family).

Download FREE Interactive e-Book
(interactive version – 42mb – zipped version here)

Buzz Goertzen – Lord You Delight Me
(free eBook download – PDF only version)

You can also view the HTML version here


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